Animesia is a fanmade anime series divided into five seasons. The fist season is the Sand Saga, then the Alchemist Saga, the Exorcist Saga next, then the Soul Reaper Saga, and the last is the Keepers Saga. Each of four sagas is lead by one of the main four protagonists. Kyrie Illunis from the Sands of Destruction series is the lead in the Sand Saga, Edward Elric from the series of Fullmetal Alchemist leads the Alchemist Saga, Allen Walker from D. Gray Man takes the lead in the Exorcist Saga, and Ichigo Kurosaki from the long Bleach series is leading the rest of the way through the Soul Reaper Saga. All four of them are fully together in the fifth season of Animesia.

List of episodes in the Sand Saga (so far)Edit

Episode # Episode Name Summary

First In Line- Kyrie Illunis!

Now forever on the run from the World Salvation Commitee, Kyrie and the other members of the new World Destruction Commitee find a place to rest in the forest, only to be captured and escape.

2 New! The World Protection Commitee The leader of the World Destruction Commitee, Morte Urshela decides to change the group name to "World Protection Commitee" since she no longer wanted the world to end.

List of episodes in the Alchemist Saga (so far)Edit

Episode #

Episode Name


Breaking News- Edward Elric Takes the Lead!

In Amestis, Edward Elric is doing alchemy with his little brother, Alphonse, when all of a sudden, a light fell from the sky.

Which One?! Destruction or Protection?!

During dinner at the Rockbell residence,five cloaked people ask for shelter, when the World Salvation Comitee came in shortly after that.

List of episodes in the Exorcist Saga (so far)Edit

Episode # Episode Name Summary
1 Sorry. He'll be Late. Kyrie and Edward make it to an alternate Earth, only to be attacked by a robot called "Sir Komlin The V."
2 No Need to Fear... Allen Walker is Finally Here!