AshuraNoKurayami's persona, Ashura

AshuraNoKurayami (more simply known as Ashura) is a fanimator born in Canada in 1995. When she began animating is unknown, but she started drawing when she was eight. Her main fanime, Marionette, is a drama/action visual novel featuring vampires. Strangely enough, Ashura hates vampires due to the Twilight fanbase. As well as Marionette, she has a parody fanime called 'More Magical Than You'. It makes fun of the magical girl genre; one of Ashura's least favourites. She has switched YouTube accounts several times and has finally settled into her main account AshuraNoKurayami, where she has 300+ subscribers.

Ashura has had several fanimes in the past, most of which have been canceled. These canceled fanimes include Nature's Treasure, a magical girl, Magic Heartogram, a magical girl, Cut Along Dotted Line, an adventure/drama, and she had canceled Marionette for a short period. However, Marionette was brought back in visual novel format due to, as Ashura puts it, "several whining friends. I'm looking at you, Fox."

She is a Global Moderator on the FanimeWorld forums.

She is known as MarshMannie on DeviantART.