An old example of Boots1622fan's art, also her persona.

Boots1622fan is the creator of a fantasy/romance fanime called "Nine Lives" (Name soon be changed). Boots1622fan, also known as Boots, Butsu or Bootsie, has been considered one of the youngest fanimators of the society. She started animating in 2007 and she had a lot of changes before developing the drawing style she has now. She had a magical girl fanime called "Elemental Hearts" which was cancelled because the plot wasn't thought up well.

Her characters

The two main protagonists of her fanime were thought up at different times. Haruka Suzuki herself was originally based off Boots while Sai Tenshi bared a resemblance to Skye from Harvest Moon DS Cute. The naming of her characters is completely different, she named Sai because of the pronouncation word "Sigh" and Haruka(spring child) because her best friend had suggested it. Boots had also stated that "Nine Lives started out as a chibi series" but she changed it because she thought she wasn't good at drawing in a "chibi" style.


  • Boots' does not watch alot of anime for it takes up too much of her time.
  • Her favorite fanime is Akuji Tavarious by Roxychick2003
  • Nekie started on March of 2008 and Boots will finish the first episode eventually.
  • Nine Lives now has a parody as well titled Nekie