(Spoiler Free Version)


Broken's setting is in a fictional early 1950s America, a short time after WW2. It takes place in a little rainy town, where a young boy named Dodge Kane, who lives in an apartment with his father,sister, and dog, one day meets a man known as Koichi Minoru and things in town start changing.

Genre- Action, Drama, Thriller, Sci fi, Fantasy, Comedy, etc

Characters -

Dodge Kane-

A boy about 10 years old, he is always seen with his dog and mostly hangs out with his two friends, Tom and Sid. Zapper- Dodge's pet dog.

Koichi Minoru-

A man who had come overseas from Japan. He has a lot of knowledge of the events during WW2 that most wouldn't, seems like a nice guy when Dodge meets him.


A European woman who had come to America with Koichi looking for who had destroyed her town and killed her family. She has some unusual talents.

Bell Kane-

Dodge's older sister.

Orrin Kane- Dodge and Bell's father who owns an antique shop in town

Tom & Sid-

Dodge's two best friends, Tom mostly acts as the leader. He and Sid believe that Dodge is somehow dealing with stolen goods, making him rich, and frequently try getting money out of him. The three boys are often seen playing Poker, Cho-Han, and other games involving gambling

Mr. Col-

An elderly man who owns a restaurant/store. He usually treats Dodge, Tom and Sid with candy bars or other snacks. Titles(Episode Names)-

Title 1 - I n f o r m a t i o n