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Cloudmuffin727 is a former fanime artist, and is now currently drawing cartoons, though some people still consider her drawings as anime.

Early Drawing Life Edit

Cloudmuffin727 started drawing at around the age of 6. Most drawings of people looked stick figure-like, with the females having a triangular body while the males have a circular body. Eventually, in her childhood, Cloudmuffin727 started drawing clothes whenever she draws humans, instead of random shapes, then for some reason she went back to drawing random stick people again, and suddenly went back to drawing people with clothes again.

2008 - 2009Edit

At the age of 11, Cloudmuffin727 began drawing anime (and back then, she was a Pokemon fanatic) on MS Paint. Later on she started drawing on a program called Paint.NET, though most of her anime drawing back then were pretty crappy.

During early 2009, her fanime drawings started to improve. She began to colour her drawings using GIMP. And in most of her days in 2009, she made fanart for some of her favourite artists.

In late November Cloudmuffin727 decided to go on a hiatus. The reason is unknown.

2010 - PresentEdit

Today, Cloudmuffin727 now draws cartoons similar to that of Invader Zim and/or JTHM. Most of her drawings tend to have a psycho, violent theme. Occasionally, she might put a few anime elements in a few drawings.


  • Cloudmuffin727 watches a children's channel called ABC3, because she tends to "want to be a child again."
  • Most of Cloudmuffin727's classmates describes her as an "anime freak" and sometimes tease her about that. Haha.
  • She is an occasional photographer, who uses a Pentax camera.
  • Cloudmuffin727 does dancing for 6 years now, though she does have a few thoughts about quitting...
  • She may have a low self-esteem at some points (one time, she had thoughts about deleting her dA account!)
  • She has made a few fanimes in the past, though they seem too cliche.
  • Cloudmuffin727 is now planning to make a cartoon, similar to Invader Zim, but with less sci-fi stuff and more dark stuff, but it does have a few "Zimmy" elements in it.