Comedy is one of the better known genres of the fanime community. Like many of the comedy movies, skits, and shows that air on television, the fanime genre of comedy has it's own sense of humor. The comedy genre is mostly based off random events, or it mixed in with romance or adventure fanime, however there is still many solo comedy fanime. Many comedy fanime usually take place in a slice of life like setting revolving around quirky adventures the characters in involved with, however comedy is also known as the most mixed of genres. Comedy can be classified as "Something that makes the viewer laugh at or something extremely strange done on purpose".

More Magical Than You, a parody fanime.

Humor in FanimeEdit

Many comedy fanime are based off strange events and 'randomness'. Though, most comedy fanime make several refrences, which can make them as a some sort of 'abridged series'. However, some fanime do not use refrences as their sense of humor, often setting characters up in skits in which something humorous occurs. Many comedy fanime often use gags, usually from both Anime and American Cartoons. A series of different jokes can be coined to create a stand up like fanime, or placed into a storyline to create a comedy series. Internet memes are also an common refrence made in comedy fanime, much due to the fact that many fanimators surf the internet and are fans of anime, manga, and video games. Small arguments have occured from the use of internet memes and media refrences, though most that it is simply done so the viewer can relate to it and laugh at it without knowing about the show itself.

Parodies Edit

Parody Fanime is another part of the comedy fanime genre, yet slightly less known of. A parody fanime sounds exactly what it's name after, a fanime making fun of and refrencing many things. Even though average comedy fanime share similarties with parody fanime, the two must not to be mixed up. A parody fanime bases itself only on jokes and refrences regarding one or more things. There has been a few parody fanime, one of them being AshuraNoKurayami's 'More Magical Than You'. Parody fanime often poke fun at internet memes, media, and most commonly, the fanime community itself.