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Cookieluv246 was a former Fanimator, part of the first generation, and was active from around 2007 to 2011.   

Her former Fanime was The Epic Tales of Kiki, later known as Kiki and the Light. Alongside that, she had several projects ranging from novels, like The Twilight of Requiem, to webcomics of VARYING CONTENT AND DISCRETION.

She was best known for being a part of scandalous amounts of drama, and for being friends with several popular users like Zayashuku , and Chii24 . Her biggest contributions to the community was helping moderate (and later become the Admin of) the FanimeWorld forums, and later creating both (now dead) Fanimetube's. 

After the community began to dwindle, and the Fanimetube website became no longer feasible, Cookieluv246 slowly left the Youtube and DeviantArt communities, and joined the great migration to Tumblr.

She continues to pursue her art to this day, but along the way, she found the greatest love of all, Homestuck. 

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