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At age 13-14, Crossfrown was an active member of the fanime community before it had even concentrated into groups; her art was better than almost every single fanime artist at that time, thanks to following criticism as much as possible instead of blindly ignoring it, and proper study of anatomy. Perfectionism and overworking due to a constant need for attention sent her careening down into a depressed and timid little creature who decided to switch to drawing random things instead.
Candle in moonlight

Crossfrown's art

The Artist Edit

 After 2009, Crossfrown became more active. She discovered the Zero-g vocaloids, and began to draw PVs, becoming more comfortable with her state, and finally completely recovering into an airheaded, laid back person with a generally good mood. She likes to give criticism, but shys away from it due to everyone screaming at her when she does.

At the current age of 15, she has showed some of the most progress in all the fanimators, despite completely deserting the scene, and continues to strive to know how to color and draw hands and feet.

Admires Zayashuku and Cookieluv246 for their amazing humor and fearless attitude, and Taralen for her art and improvement.

Abuses her characters often to vent stress. Borders on a twisted kind of sadomasochism, as her favorite characters always have a 99% chance of dying horribly and a 50% chance of coming back.

She is currently 15 years old and draws a manga strip-style webcomic, Jackrabbit Days, and animates as a hobby. She is also currently writing out her graphic novel as a book, now much smarter about multitasking projects. Due to her forgetful, airheaded personality, she tends to be rather slow about drawing PVs, strips, and pages.

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