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Nocturnal Couple

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Hello Welcome to my page :)

                                   I am Darkblade411 from youtube also known as Mizuki and I've been known for making lots of amvs the have become popular of the few years  but the one thing that I got noticed for the most was the fact that I can actually animate.My very first animation I put on youtude was my mew mew fan transformation.It's pretty old  but since then I have been trying my best to improve my animations with the help of my subscibers and friends backing me up.If you have known me in real life I would be a quite girl who loves to draw.I have lots of compliments every time I draw something in class.Since I was about five years old I have been always facinated in drawing and would always trace my father's drawings I would ask him to draw me.In preschool I would always try to copy would my classmates would draw and from that time on I started draw my own things and I had a vast interest in making my own cartoon characters in hopes of one day becoming a famous artist/cartoonist.Later on I gotten interesteding drawing anime since my cousin got me into it because of her awsome artwork.I would practice and practice but it wouldn't come out right.At that time it was difficult.The drawings would always turn out too noodley and wierd looking so I would crumble it and start over.Time and time again I would try to draw, referencing from animes I have seen till one day I finally got it right and developed my own style from there.I practiced my enique  style everyday and improved.It was the I found out that my computer had ms paint.I then practiced on the computer till I found a way that would work for me.Years later my technique got better and I was able to draw a decent anime picture.I never thought I would actually draw ont he computer.I have been drawing since on the computer and improved each hour I stay on.This year I hope to get somewhere with it and produce a enjoyable Fanime you can watch.