Eternal Reincarnation is the second generation of the fanime '~*Eternal*~' created by Melodyfan12 of Youtube. The original series (created back in December 2006) is to undergo an animation overhaul, containing new animations of previously planned scenes and various minisodes, of which five are planned. 


Inspired by new fanimators and previous comments on her work, Melodyfan12 announced she would be re-creating the series, albeit in a less 'episode-based' development. The minisodes will consist of ideas previously planned in the fanime's first run, including the original (made-over) characters, but using different animation techniques, styles and new voice actors. As of February 1st, the primary voice actors were chosen and the animation process had begun.

Differences with previous designEdit


Screenshot of Yuka's revised henshin

Some obvious visual changes include differences in battle outfits, transformational objects, henshins and attacks. Each character's new outfit has stayed mostly the same, with added changes to add to the character's personality. 

Structurally, the series has remained mostly the same. The revamp will begin after the original episode, with the added line-up change of Celina already being a member of the team. Celina's addition to the team is not explained, instead the series begins with all three as a team, with Demi's addition being explained later in the series instead. In terms of character development, Celina's character was to be seen as a stand-offish, solitary character who eventually allows herself to become friends with the other members, however where the series will start shows Celina in a much more outgoing and sarcastic light, implying she is comfortable with her team and has been in the team for a considerable amount of time. 

Casting (so far)Edit

  • Yuka: Femuziek
  • Phee: Missbunniswan
  • Celina: CassirollChan
  • Demi: Violet221


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Melodyfananimations Tumblr - (Official WIP blog)