FanimeTube was the most recent, well-populated addition to the thread of Fanime-related sites. In short, it was created because of a common fear in the fanime community that the spam popularity of YouTube stars such as "Fred" would overshadow the smaller fanime community. It unfortunately died due to the site's switch from the Ning host to another in 2010.

Reason Edit

The topic of YouTube's downfall was first risen in a thread on the FanimeWorld forums ("Hulu Tube"). In a video posted on that thread, it was explained that YouTube has been thriving to only give credit to commercial and popular videos. However, around 2006-2007, when both fanime and popular Vloggers started posting their videos on youtube, there was no problem. After some research, it became evident that the fanime community would be at a downfall if YouTube was to be the continuous source of posting videos related to fanime.

Solution Edit

Many fanimators started to try to find a solution to this dilema. Cookieluv, a well-known YouTube fanimator and Global Moderator on the forums, proposed a site that enabled you to create your own social network. Shauna created FanimeTube so that fanimators may have an alternative/main place to post where their videos won't be overshadowed.