Fanime Wiki Edit

Fanime Wiki is a Wikia page created by Surenity (MistrixShadow. The purpose is for fanime fans and fanimators to write articles about fellow animators, users, fanimes, characters, drama - everything that happens around fanime.

How to Create an Article Edit

I. Scroll down on the Fanime Wiki homepage, until you find a "create and article" box

II. Suggest a title, and press the button. It will bring you to an editing page.

III. Everything from then on is straight forward; you can create an article page about the subject.


Rules are becoming very important to follow on this wiki. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY.

I. Do NOT spam. This means your articles must be COMPLETELY RELEVANT to this wiki. In addition, posts with only a single sentence will be deleted/modified.

II. Do NOT rat about people. This wiki is solely informative, this means FACTS not OPINIONS.

III. Do NOT post in first person.

Thank you, and have fun posting!