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Girls Of The Elements, A fanime created by a youtuber PrincessBrittany.

Intro to Fanimes
  • Fanime (a portmanteau of "fan" and "anime ") is a relatively new genre of web animation that has recently started to gain popularity on Youtube. Most fanime has an anime art style, hence the name, and are often inspired by pre-existing animes, the most popular of which being Magical Girl shows such as Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew. Unlike most web cartoons, fanimes are usually made using MS Paint or Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker instead of Flash and are usually drawn by a one-person team.

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As the fanime community, we all have our favorite fanimators. Some popular ones are Cookieluv246 and Chii24, as well as Zayashuku, Marim23, EliteParanoid, Misdermeanerj, PointBEntertainment, TackyanimationsX3, and animestrawberrykitty. However, this new YouTube trend started somewhere and with someone. Check out our new article on the first fanimators!

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Chii24 s fanart by smileylukey32.png
A persona (meaning person in Spanish) is the name of the type of character that represents oneself on the internet, joined in the Fanime Community. Personas vary from each fanimator, and are used frequently in videos and meme. The most famous personas in the Fanime Community include Chii24, Zayashuku, and Sutsuki445. <Persona>link</Persona>.

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Into The Stars Group Pic 2015

Into the stars picture, drawn by Emily Loves Cookies, a youtuber.