An angel who's in love with a devil. A devil who's in love with an angel. An undecided girl who doesn't know who to turn to. Can it get any more puzzling?

This Fanime revolves around the teenage life of a little girl, who just doesn't know what to do.

Hane is an angel set on a mission to lean an undecided girl to Heaven. Unfortunately, the devil he is partnered with is Taoreta, the smart, evil, tricky young woman trying to get the same girl to Hell instead. Hane recognizes Taoreta as the girl who messed up his sandcastle when he was a human kid, but who saved him from bullies as well, while Taoreta remembers him as the wimp who whined over his kicked sandcastle, but also as the little boy who saved her teddy bear. They both had a crush on each other, but the other never knew. Now they had to stay with each other for this girl's whole life?

Now, let's move on to this girl. Her name is Oko Kimenai, and she has a gift: she is the only human alive able to see the guardians, even the ones other than her own. She is a very undecided girl. She is very quick-she understood right away about the love tension between the two, and held secret meetings with both of them, but not with the other.

The relationship between the two guardians slowly begins to bloom, but there's still one thing left unanswered: which way must Kimenai go; Heaven or Hell?

This is a fanime by earofcorn6452 which was canceled.