50% of America's Economy should not be profiting on the health of the people

50% of America's Economy should not be profiting on the health of the people

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Otherwise known as Manga Gothic Media , Josh is also the animator and creator of the ambitious fanime series Sihde, currently in production.
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Josh's old Persona otherwsie known as Brussels from his movie "Manga Gothic"

Josh has been active in the fan art commnity for 20 years, he has produced several comics, the most well-known being Ariel: High School Devil-Girl, and the UK's longest running Fanzine, Animenia, which came to an end in 2002. He has always been an aspiring animator, but has always been limited by costs and time. He is an avid proponent of Open Source software and a heavy user of the 3D animation software programme Blender 3D. His daughter, JennaJJ at 13 is also and aspiring writer and animator and they are both working on an animated OVA, "Amythest: The Dead Queen".

Special notesEdit

  • He is living in America, and yes girls, he comes with the English accent ;
  • He's far too busy with a lot of ideas that he has trouble narrowing them down
  • He's a flirt, a big flirt
  • He has published several books on anime and anime art and is currently directing his first DVD on how to anime
  • He has a strong sense of right and wrong... and yes he can be stubborn about it, to a fault, maybe someone can temper him ;-)

Where to find JoshEdit

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Manga Gothic Media YouTube Channel

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Warcraft movie project

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