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Lottychan is a popular fanime creator based in Germany, and famous for her Guardian Angel, which was of the community-common magical girl genre. However, the show was very well drawn, which made it a big success. Guardian Angel was later cancelled, but briefly brought back in the form of a contest for a new character, then a short-run webcomic. Whether or not Guardian Angel will ever return for real is up for debate, but her other works, Mahou Shoujo 4Ever and Oogoe Idol, appear to be permanently down for the count.

She is also known for a fan-transformation of Berri from Tokyo Mew Mew and an unfinished WIP of Ringo from the same series.

In November 2015 she announced a rework of Mahou Shoujo 4Ever on her youtube channel which is now called Magical Girls Forever. It's set to be released in 2017. In December 2015 she uploaded the first episode of Lottys Life, a sketch series about funny incitents in her life.