Luminous Power is about 8 girls that save the day
  • Midori Hiragii-Star Blossom,soilder of courage
  • Shirayuki Wantanabe-Love Berry,soilder of beauty
  • Utau Sogwood-Moon Orchid,soilder of wisdom
  • Su Hiragii-Crazy Daisy,solder of loyalty
  • Yuka Kazumu-Night Rose,soilder of passion
  • Aurora Von Misty-Egret Flower,soilder of love
  • Mandala Nino-Hot Silly Pepper,soilder of hope
  • Amrita Hatsune-Valentine Vine,soilder of dreams

Minor CharactersEdit

Kagami and Ryuji Hiragii Kagami and Ryuji are Midori and Su`s parents,they are fun loving parents,Kagami is the mother,she is a very hard worker,her job is at a factory,Ryuji is the father,he is a janitor at Midori`s school,he often sweeps up Midori`s homework,when they work,they leave Midori in charge as Midori is 15

Mint and Jackson Wantanabe Mint and Jackson are Shirayuki`s parents,Mint is the mother,Mint is way diffrent from Kagami,Mint is often spoiled,and has short patience,Jackson is the father,Jackson is like Kagami,nice,intelligant,and a worker at a factory (although he is usaully seen in his office) Ginger and Clarence Sogwood Ginger and Clarence are the parents of Utau,Ginger is the mother,she is very polite,she works as a waitress,she is often seen doing dishes or shopping,she likes to buy Utau pink dresses with lace and ruffles,Clarence is the father,he has a job as a train engineer Lily and Oonga McDooza