Magic Heart and the Magical Warriors is a fanime made by MagicMe123.


The first episode of Magic Heart came out out on January 7, 2007 and since then there have been two seasons with 26 episodes each and a Magic Heart Movie (Magic Heart and the Return of the Magical Warriors). Each episode is about ten minutes and the movie is about 70 minutes long. It is the first completed fanime.

Magic Heart was mainly made with Paint and Windows Movie Maker, and the Magix Music Maker was also sometimes used. In the movie MagicMe123 used Particle Illusions 3.0 to produce special effects.

Instead of real voices you hear digital voices (made with Blabla Maker, also Cepstral in the movie) in the series. MagicMe123 thought with these voices he would be independent and only have to count on himself, since he did not know whether voice actors would be reliable. Another reason was that episodes could be produced faster if he did not have to wait for voice actors.


The Dark Empire wants to get the control over the universe, so its members attack the world. Mary Phillips and four other girls were chosen to protect the world and fight the evil beings as Magic Heart and the Magical Warriors. During course of time other Warriors join the girls.

Background informationEdit

Originally Magic Heart was thought up as a parody of Magical Girl series' like Sailor Moon or Wedding Peach. It was meant to be funny and very cliché-like, but instead became a serious series itself.

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