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MeiChan01 and Is a flash animator that is currently on the rise thanks to her Epic Adventure series and her partner/younger brother XavierAXB whom is a voice actor and script writer for the show. They don't nessisarily own a fanime, just a series of episodes of humours situations. They currently have audio clips availble with them reading "terrible" fanfiction over a skype party. The two of them currently have their own wikia and site avalible as well as colorful downloads avalible


MeiChan01 and XavierAXB


The Epic AdventuresEdit

"It’s a series of episodes that follows a brother and sister on their daily lives in the world of who-knows-what. Going on adventures or being stuck in sticky situations, these hilarious siblings work hard to have fun and make their lives more easier. The content is offensive humor and bold in the Epic Adventures, it’s either don’t watch if you have thin skin. It makes fun of race, sexual orientation, politics, and all of those other touchy subjects. So do your want to open Pandora’s box? Or stay in your hugbox?" ~ From The Epic

The content available for the show is rated Pg-17 to M. The show was created for a mature audience maybe those whom are in their late teens to adults. The show also consist of several colorful characters such as Hot Pink or Hot Pink-Sama, the maidens (Venus and Cytherea), Pimp Barney, and other characters that are sure to show up later in the series. There are even some characters taken from video games, movies, books, and other animes: such as Edward Cullen, and Kratos from God of War.


Tickular (Tiku-oo-lur) is term created by MeiChan01 formally known as AngelAnimationsX3. The term genreally means more awesome then Gurren Lagann,Chuck Norris, The Old Spice Guy, and Anon all put together. Even some popular fanimators such as Zayashuku begin to use the term once in one of her videos here

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The Epic Adventures