A meme is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.

Memes in FanimeEdit

A meme in the fanime community is a short animation that runs to the length of a song, which is usually techno. The meme can be made by anyone, but must be recreated by different people in different styles to effective.

thumb|300px|right|50 Memes (Non-Anime Included)

Famous MemesEdit

  1. Caramelldansen
  2. Danjo
  3. Fukkireta
  4. 4chan memes
  5. Paffendorf
  6. Degozai on~!
  7. Caipirinha
  8. Training Exercise
  9. TCM Meme
  10. La Bomba
Wiki shit 1

Possible the first and most famous meme, Caramelldansen.

  1. Get Down

Non-Famous MemesEdit

  1. Disco Stick (created by NinjaCat32 )
  2. Stamp on the Ground (created by BlueNightPaw )
  3. Nya Nya Dance (created by webkinzlid)
  4. Castle in the Sky (created by wolfmajesti )