Nature's Child
Created by TheWaffleMaiden
Voices of ChibySmiley
Original Run 1 Aug 2010
No. of seasons 1
No. of Episodes 1

Nature's Child is a fanime made by TheWaffleMaiden. The fanime is about 7 girls who are fighting to find the Goddess of Light, Tomoshibi. They have to battle Black Willow, the darkness' vessel, as they believe she has kidnapped the princess they are looking for, but little do they know there's more to her than meets the eye.

Plot Edit

The Girls (Current Design)

The current design for the 8 main characters.

There is peace and harmony throughout the whole of the 8 worlds, until one day, when an unknown vessel created by darkness, Willow(or "Black Willow" as she is known) killed almost everybody on Earth. However, Rinsei and her fellow princesses fought against her, but it was a battle the unfortunately lost. However, with Rinsei's remaining strength before she died, she sealed everybody into a time capsule and sent them to the future, along with Willow, in the hope that they could revive her. However, a new question has come into mind, as the Goddess of Light, was not sealed along with them.

Characters Edit

  • Rosa
  • Cleo
  • Fabrice
  • Clemence
  • Bethanie
  • Nakita
  • Crystal
  • Black Willow
  • Saffi
  • Phoenix
  • Black Willow
  • Skye Carter
  • Kokoro

Cancellation and Revival Edit

During Summer 2009, Holly worked hard to get the first episode done, but however, ended up cancelling the fanime, as she couldn't get everything done before the end of the summer holidays. She also cancelled it because she was entering her final year of GCSE's, and that she needed more time to focus on her studies. However, in April 2010, Holly brought the show back, after numerous attempts at different fanime ideas. She got new voice actors for Clemence, Nakita, Crystal and created new characters. The script for Episode One was completely re-written, and a new backstory was invented. Finally on the 1st August, 2010, Hoshi released Part One of the first episode which can be viewed here. .

Trivia Edit

  • Almost every single character in Nature's Child is based on people Holly knows in real life, with the exception of Nakita.
  • Cleo is not just seen in Nature's Child. She also stars in Holly's DiDA project, Sacrifice, which got her a B.
  • Holly takes inspiration from real-life situations such as Skye pretending to be pregnant for the 7th time in a week, and Hayden leaving Rosa for another girl, an idea she very commonly uses.
  • She chose not to use normal magical girl ideas, such as the clumsy leader, the older love interest and the typical elements, as she thought they were being used too much by other fanimators.
  • The idea for the 8 elements in fact came from the game, "New Super Mario Bros."