Non-Magical Girl is basically every other genre but a magical girl. The reason why such a word even exists "Non-Magical girl" is because in a more literal sense, more then haft the fanime community is making a Magical girl fanime. Non-Magical girls don't have:

  • The ever so Cliche "Girl has to save the world and is the last hope along with her friends"
  • Anybody who transforms to gain their internal powers
  • Magically enhanced humans who use the elements as their attacks
  • Fanimations based around Wizards and Witches powers rather then their history

Even a story about a magical being can be considered a non-magical girl if the story is not about showing what that being can do or what it has to do. If the main character isn't the actual magical being for instance, and let's say the story in terms is actually about the magical being rather then the main character. If the main character meets up with the magical being in the middle of it's transforming, it doesn't mean the whole stories a magical girl for that one seen, if in every other circumstance has nothing to do with the magical beings powers. Because the main character themself didn't transform, and genre's are usually set by the influence of the main character(s).  Even if one or more of a back characters has magical powers as long as the main female character does not have a magical power it is still considered as Non-Magical Girl Fanime.  Even though people will say that 'Magical Girl is super popular, you should make one of those!" Many good fanime don't even express the Magical feel in any circumstance. Such fanime, such as Ai's Love Letters, can branch more into the real life and and the romance gemres of the fanime community.


With Magical Girl, there is one large umbrella, and nearly every Magical Girl fanime out there can fit under that umbrella, however, with Non-Magical Girl, there are many things it can turn into. Here are some examples: