A panime (a portmanteau of parody and anime) is a fanime created to poke fun a certain genre, anime, or sometimes, another person. Usually, it's mocking something stereotypical, like the Magical Girl genre, though horror panime do exist. A panime can be considered part of the comedy genre, but also arguably it's own distinct genre-- panime make several refrences to media, the internet, fandoms, and the community such as actual parody shows. Internet memes are often the main source of humor for panime, however actual parodies making fun of scenes of movies, TV ads, etc. are still common. The panime genre is one of the smallest in the fanime community, though one of the few that actually poke fun at its own errors. Some panime with episodes include:

Tokyo Moay Mew

Sunlyte Wareeurs

thumb|300px|right|A Magical girl parody Panime should not be confused with troll fanime, like Large Bagel and Nyan Neko Sugar Girls.