Phase 9
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Created by Kel-chan
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Phase 9 is based off of a novel written by Kelsey Thomas. The story itself is divided into two books approximately 200+ pages each. The first book, Phase 9 and the sequel Phase 9- Blood and Thunder. There is also a third book that has not been completed yet entitled Phase 9- Desolation.

Plot Edit

Phase 9 is about an alien hybrid known as "Nisa" or "The Drifter" and her travels throughout the world of Xanthus, the Desert planet she has been marooned on when her ship crashed in the desert. She unwittingly becomes the subject of an ongoing expose by local tabloid writer June Metris and her photographer Randi Booth. During her travels she comes to know the world of Xanthus and gets involved in its factions that are battling for control of monopoly over water resources. The chief antagonist is the company called ErDane which has a near monopoly over all water resources on the planet and thereby its citizens. However, there is a hidden hand at play.

Characters Edit

Nisa aka "The Drifter" Edit

The main character of the story. Thrust into a foreign world when her spacecraft malafuntions and she is forced to land on the planet Xanthus. Her initial goals are to scout the terrain searching for any means to repair her ship while trying hard not to make contact with the locals. The somewhat goofy and lighthearted Nisa unfortunately finds herself getting caught up in the world rather than maintaining her distance from it.

June Metris Edit

A writer/journalist by trade with an over inflated ego. Born in the small town of San Theed she has had a near monopoly over all news and is well known throughout the town. However due to her friend and companion Randi Booth she was fired from the towns newspaper and forced to take a job through Gus Griswald's employment agency to work for the disreputable San Theed Tabloid.

Randi Booth Edit

June's best friend and companion who follows June wherever she goes like a puppy dog. She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer and continually takes on odd jobs as she gets fired often. Occasionally she has stunning insights into things which make her sort of an idiot savant.

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