Michiko 8D by Michiko Nikora
Michiko Nikora, Rash67's persona and Vocaloid Oc.
Aliases Michiko Nicola

Rasha67 is the creator of Taida na Nichi fanime and of a Vocaloid Oc named Michiko Nikora. She usually goes by the name "Nicola" or "Michiko".

History in Fanime Edit

She started animating in 2007 with a fanime based off the "Sonic" franchise. Eventually she came up with her current fanime, Taida na Nichi, which is based off the "Kirby" games.

Obsession with Video Games Edit

Nicola claims her father got her into video games. She loves video games, video game music and prettymuch everything that has to do with video games. Her first game was Donkey Kong 64 and she says she still plays it. Her favorite game however was Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz

Facts Edit

  • Nicola's favorite anime is Urusei Yatsura.
  • Her favorite fanime is The Sun Never Rises by CuteMonkeyGirlTweet on Youtube.
  • She constantly uses the internet phrase "ROFL" when someone says something that she finds funny.