About Rct3rock321 Edit

  Rct3rock321 is a fairly new person to fanimating. She has been animating for about 7-9 months. On her old account, rct3rock, she had 100+ subscribers, she decided that she didn't want to use that account  because it attracted youtube poopers and anime haters who were mean to her. Her new account is rct3rock321, were, she currently has 20+ subscribers, and she is working hard to earn those 100+ subscribers back. She wouldn't really be considered a popular fanimator, more like one of the hidden talents.

Persona Edit

Although rct3rock321 does not seem to have a persona yet, she would most likely be described as tall, African-American, Shoulder Length brown hair, and green eyes(color of eyes change with background, eg: Blue BG, Blue Eyes).

Personal Life Edit

Hello, this is me, rct3rock321 speaking, and I just want to say, my personal life sucks, so nothing much here.

Average Girl Edit

Average is one of rct3rock321 words, and she loves to constantly use that word to annoy people. The way she says it and why she uses it derives from AreYouAFool video called 'A Little Kim Possible Something', which is a dub, Kim complains and whines about how she is quote "So AVURAGEE", the ironic fact is she is nowhere near average. Rct3rock321 got the idea to make a superhero called 'Average Girl', and her catchphrase would be "I'm here to AVERAGELY save the day!". She is thinking about using Average Girl as her persona and also in her productions video.

Her fanime Edit

She is currently working on a fanime called "Mission Go To The Moon". thumb|300px|right|The opening preview.

Anime Interest Edit

She has been drawing anime for over a year and almost 2 years now. She has greatly improved. Her drawings look a little like the fanimators she looks up to, like Chii24, and Zayashuku, yet she still manages to make her style look unique.
Manga 3

Her first drawing on MS Paint


Her most recent picture, for her vocaloid contest entry. Drawn on 3/7/09.