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"Shine" is a fan-made anime on youtube created by AnimeShineChihiro.

Chihiro and Michiko believe that they are normal, everyday albino human girls for 15 years, until one day a boy named Katsu arrives at their school to inform them about a horrible disease (Commonly called "The Diamond Disease") that is killing off every Silverse (Albino person) in existence. Katsu brings them to a world called Silvrenta, a place where age old magic, albinos, and wolves that walk upright and talk are normal everyday things. Being the descendants of the great and powerful "Twins of One", Orihicho and Okichimi, twin girls who had once saved Silvrenta from the Diamond Disease before their disappearance, Chihiro and Michiko must learn the way of Silverse magic and old fashioned martial arts so they can take their rightful place as the leaders and saviors of all Silvrenta and rid the Silverse of the Diamond Disease once more.

Shine is often mistaken as a magical girl fanime, but others disagree, saying that is is merely fantasy.

Shine currently has two episodes out, and a third is in the making.

The series contains references to conditions such as blindness, disease, and albinism. The main characters Chihiro Suzumi and Michiko Kazako are respectively voiced by Voice Acting Alliance member Lauren Mori and Youtube's star of the Voiceacting world, Mippa. Katsu is voiced by VoiceRocker, a "rising star" voiceactor on both Youtube and VAA.

Cast list

Chihiro Mei Suzumi

Michiko Aiko Kazako

Katsu Ken Mihazawa

King Altair Shiro

Lady Talya Albo

Lillian Albo

Yukiree Wulhound

Misimi Chari

Alice Mihazawa

Dumisani Mihazawa

Masozi Mihazawa

Yukiree Wulhound

The 2

A group picture- Chihiro, Michiko, and Katsu