In the humble city of Haysworth, there lives a girl named Sinthya who, though she didn't know at the time, was a goddess in the planet Symonia. A few decades ago, Symonia began a war with the elven planet, Herstelia. Herstelia, even after the war, was angered, and they destroyed the unity flag of Symonia. Symonia was devastated, and the planet called for thier goddess Sinthya to destroy the rest of the elven race. Sinthya was on her way to Herstelia when she was captured by the elven race. Sinthya escaped anyways. She fled to Earth when the army went after her. When Sinthya headed for Earth, she landed far too hard, and had a concussion. She lost her memory.

In Symonia, Sinthya would have been approx. 1,300 years old, but on Earth, that's divided by 100 years. So Sinthya looked 13 on Earth. She was adopted by a family. A month later, she was enrolled in school. Sinthya didn't know anything about 8th grade or even 1st grade academics. She was teased of course.

The planet of Symonia found out about Sinthya's location and on a weekend, Sinthya was mentally transported to Symonia. She was told of her mission, but Sinthya didn't want to take that offer. Symonia was angered and told Sinthya that if she didn't destroy the elven race in 90 days, she would be relieved of her powers and her memory would be wiped out.