Somewhere Today is a three episode fanime on youtube created by Retrosofa of YouTube.


The mad scientist Dr. Sourou has finally completed his greatest invention - The Animal Fixer Changer. With it any animal can be transformed into a human being. He successfully used it to change his guinea pig, Lime into a human girl. After becoming human she killed the doctor and escaped. Lime ran off into the city and met a strange boy. She instantely fell in love. Lime swears to live life as a normal human, and win the boy's heart. However, the late doctor's assistant sends her minions to kill Lime and avenge Dr. Sourou. Lime struggles with her new life, her new love, and the threat of assistant Pawabi.

Main CharactersEdit

Lime was once a guinea pig used for testing by Dr. Sourou. She was transformed into a human by his invention the 'Animal Fixer Changer'. After becoming a human she killed the doctor, and escaped to the city. She met a strange boy named Gomu and fell in love. Lime finds him again, and swears to be with him no matter what. She lives with two strange girls Choco and Buri. With Lime has a rabbit companion, Bunni-with-an-I. Lime tries her best to win Gomu's heart.

Gomu is a highschool student at Boroku Academy. He's very tall, dead pan, with a calm personality. He lives with his sister Kibi. Gomu met Lime one night when he planned to commit suicide. After meeting Lime his outlook on things began to change.

Bunni-with-an-I is a talking, and chain smoking rabbit. She was used for testing by the late Dr. Sourou. She always argues with Lime, and can by very annoyed with her.

Pawabi is the assistant to the late Dr. Sourou. After he was killed by Lime, she swore revenge. Pawabi uses the doctor's late invention to turn more animals into humans. She enhances their abilities and sends them to kill Lime.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Fuzu and Ayumi are Gomu's two close friends. They're boyfriend and girlfriend. They both want Lime and Gomu to end up together.

Donta is a P.E. teacher at Boroku Academy. He meets Lime one day in the city.

Sasori is the gang leader of Boroku Academy. Her and her two goons rule over the school. She sells locker room pictures of students.

Ibari is the "prince" of Boroku Academy. His father is a rich and powerful CEO. Because of this he can do almost whatever he wants. He finds Lime to be an annoying pest.

Garlic is the first minion sent by Pawabi. He used to be a bat. Garlic can send out illusions to confuse his opponents. Wears sunglasses because his eyes are very sensitive to sunlight.

Episode ListEdit

Episode 1 - Wandering Romance: After being transformed into a human, Test Animal Lime flees to the city. Upon arrival, she falls in love with a mysterious young man.

Episode 2 - Hello Mr. Handsome: Lime wonders the city to find the strange boy she met. She then finds herself as a rundown high school.

Final Episode - Bat Thriller: Lime happily begins attending Boroku Academy, much to the dismise of the student chairman. Just as Lime begins to bond with Gomu, an assasian to sent after her...

Voice CastEdit

Lime - Sydsnap

Gomu - Jonathan

Pawabi - Cathy Ross

Bunni-with-an-I - Christiana

Donta - Toonmaster

Kaori - Aderumoro

Principal - Salvatore

Nobuyo - Aderumoro

Fuzu - CoraVoiceAuditions, Jonathan

Ayumi - Cathy Ross

Ibari - berserkchip

Kibi - Tia

Sasori - CoraVoiceAuditions

Oto - Darkblade411

Toba - MosaicHeart

Buri - MosaicHeart

Choco - Miyasha48

Garlic - 911ape