Name: Starlight (Star)

Age: 16

Sign: Sagittarius

Screenname on youtube: 111swimmingstar111

On deviantart: Starlightgal93

Joined youtube: 2006

Joined deviantart: 2008

Programs used: Gimp, Manga Studio, and iMovie HD (she uses a Mac)

Current Fanime: Omoide no Hidoi

History: Star didn't start posting animations upfront. She first began with a few AMVS, then she began animating as well as voice actressing for her dubs and for other fanime's, including Caly - God Warriors, Misaki - It's In The Eyes, Aki - Likewise, Hana - Tenchihi Ongaku, Rei - Fukumi, Karin and Kirai - My Fair Lady (Ina's fanime,) Cherry - Eclair Moon Shine, Camella - Mistaken Powers. She also posts more music fandubs than actual animations, but hopefully with the rise of her new fanime that will change.

Star's first fanime was "Elemental Mermaids", which was inspired by Rounzie's "ELFS" and diamante88's "Elemental Goddesses", though the project was dropped in the summer of '08 (or was it '07?). From happy magical girls, she showed us a very dark side of her through Moon Enchantress, a dark side which she claims is from Higurashi.

Number of Subbies: 100 as of June 30th (woo woo~)