Super Nova Universe
Created by Deus Marionette
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Synopsis Edit


Deus and Katsu

In the distance future is a team of Super Heroes called Team S.O.U.R. led by the founder of the super space station Nova, Sweet D. This team defends the earth from all wrong doers and super villains. With super abilities of super speed, flight, telekinesis and stranger and more powerful abilities, S.O.U.R protects the planet. But what happens when all the villains are killed or thrown into jail for life, super heroes are out of a job. Team S.O.U.R retires and each go on to live somewhat normal lives. One of the team members isn't enjoying his normal life, he was born with super powers and he needs to use them. Deus goes a little crazy and he turns on those who put him out of a After many years of retirement Team S.O.U.R does not want to come back to fight to save planet Earth. They have their money and their women...and since they don't live on earth, it's not their problem. Sweet D is stuck finding a new team of Super Heroes to save the planet. What happens when they're not so super...or not so smart? Katsu and his team of…"heroes" are forced into joining team S.O.U.R and saving the Earth from crazy Deus. The outcome doesn't look so good for the planet.

Random Facts Edit

  • Team S.O.U.R stands for Saving Our Universe Right.
  • Sweet D runs a popular robot store which used a series of robots to help defend the planet called S.U.D.R.A (Special Unit Defense Robot Arsenal).
  • The movie contains Humans, Aliens, Martians, Robots and Supers. Humans live on earth. Aliens are humans that live on the new space stations. Martians are Humans that have colonized Mars. Robots are robots. And Supers are the rare humans born with strange abilities.