Surii48 is an up and coming Youtube fanimator. At just 12 years old, she has showed her talent to the Youtube community with her first video, Get Down. With this, she became an instant hit among fanime fans, and people began begging for more. Her style is a lot similar to Chii24, Sutsuki445, and KiarixSora, being a "MS Paint" style. She now has 3 videos and 80+ subscribers, one being "Get Down", the other being "Vocaloid Entry" and the other being "Fly Me To The Moon". However, controversy was caused when people began believing her to be Chii24, one of the most popular Youtube fanimators, because of her name choice, art style, and the fact that Chii had left Youtube.

Surii denied all rumors of being Chii, and when Chii came back to the Fanime community, all rumors slowly died out.


Surii48's Persona, Surii