OCBZ Kaiko Sakunawa by sutsuki332

Sutsuki's online Persona

Sutsuki445 is another famous YouTube animator. And was known for being bestfriends with Chii24.

Born half Thai in 1994, she started animating before Chii did, and soon, became a big hit to the community. After a while, Sutsuki started branching away making a name for herself.

Sutsuki has set herself out to look like "Lol I'ma kick your ass" and blunt to those who don't know her, but really takes everything to heart. But is very strong and still going strong with over 1.5k subscribers.

She has attempted to make fanimations before, but she has never actually completed a opening;Her current animation is Tsuki no Yakusoko. She actually started out as a hardcore pokemon fan before becoming fanimator; And still is one today.

Besides Sutsuki's fame behind her animating, she has also auditioned for OC Tournament's on DeviantArt.

The methods behind her drawing for her webcomics is scanning it, then editing it on MS Paint and Photoshop CS3.

She is also currently in a Pokemon OC Battle, working on her other comic featuring her OC, Colette. This is also probably an indication of her love of Pokemon. (Melaine vs. Colette)