The Angel's Decision is a fanime created by Sneak4000 in 2011. It currently does not have a cast, and it's in need for one. It is drama/comedy genre. It's planned to be animated and voiced by 2012. And that's all you need to know in this department.


In the year 2222, two angels come to Earth looking to rule it. One, Atkin, beleives in peace and goodness. The other, Atsin, beleives in the opposite. They fight to rule this once-wonderful land known as Earth by taking important humans as prisoners. One of these happen to be the father of a hero. His name is, or was, Marshall Jetsuki. After Atsin captured him, he sent his newborn son, Joshua, back in time to stop this madness from happening. He died in the progress. And that wasn't the only flaw in his plan, too... Joshua was too young to remember it. Meanwhile in the year 2000, Tom Crow and Margie Dato took Joshua as their own. Twenty years later, Atsin is back for revenge, along with his brother. Now Joshua must find out who to trust, and how to defeat the other.


Joshua Jetsuki: A 20 year old boy who just got into college. The son of Marshall Jetsuki who was sent to the year 2000 to stop the war between life and death, although he did not know of the plans. He ended up with the life + death angels constantly fighting over him.

Atkin: The angel of peace and life, is in charge of the good side of the world and fights his brother, Atsin, in the war between life and death. He tries to stop Joshua from completing his father's mission.

Atsin: The death angel, is in charge of the evil side of the world and fights his broter, Atkin, in the war between life and death. He tries to stop Joshua from completing his father's mission.

Marshall Jetsuki: In the year 2222, Marshall is constantly being captured by Atkin and Atsin. He is the father of Joshua Jetsuki, who he sends into the past to prevent the war from happening.

Jenny Miranda: Joshua's girlfriend who is a major part of Joshua's life, travels, and...not much else, really. School year, I guess?

"Xzy" Yyrie: A goth girl who has been Joshua's friend since he was a child. She also has been suspicious of Jenny ever since she met Xzy and Jenny in the beginning of the school year. Xzy has many secrets, many too secret to tell here, right now... Oh, and her real name is Emily.

Tim Crow: This man took Joshua as his own, and everybody believes him to be Joshua's father.

Margie Dato: This woman has been Tim's boyfriend for years, and she played a major part in raising Joshua. Everyone believes her to be Joshua's mother.