timeXsong is a Canadian fanimator, but also has a small following as a voice actress and fandubber. She is one of the older members of the community, having discovered it back in its early days (albeit, on a different account), but did not become active in it until 2007.

Her first fanime project, Forgotten Feathers, was short lived and did not become as well known as her next fanime, Akaikawa, which gained a very small and brief fandom.

Her other cancelled and hiatus projects included When the Snow Falls, Zodiac, Chronicles of Blood, Karaiya and Manus Dei.

She currently has two ongoing fanime, White Rabbit, a Victorian era supernatural mystery and The Cinderella Effect, of the same genre but set in modern day. White Rabbit has but an opening preview and trailer released, and even less is known about The Cinderella Effect.

She also has a parody fanime or panime called Sunlyte Wareeurs, to which an episode, among many other videos, can be watched here.

Though most of the fanime she voiced in have since been cancelled, timeXsong was cast in plenty of them. She leant her voice to Chii24's Sayuri: The Last Sanku and Morning Dew, both in which she was cast as the main characters, Sayuri and Chi, CelestialAiko's Memories of Kurumi as Kurumi, Rommie's Zombles as Cheryl, and TackyAnimations Moth and the Man as Ducky, Swan and Alice.