Unseen Animators Edit

The unshakeable, inconvenient truth about the fanime community, and really life in general, is that some people are popular and some are not. No matter how hard an animator works, they will always be "less popular" than someone else. Thus, some animators in the community feel "unseen", and feel talentless because of it. Thus, this list was compiled to bring more attention to these animators, so they feel like they at least have some recognition somewhere.

The key, however, to becoming YouTube popular is to not fanimate, though. Popular animators like Chii24 are actually only mildly well-known in the grand scheme of things, and amateur animators like those in this community will never become very well known. If you want to be YouTube popular, quit now, buy a camera, and begin to create vlogs.

However, if you genuinely like animating, why does popularity even matter? Just do what you love, and don't worry about your subscriber count like these sadsaps:

1. DarkDeathAngel1324

2. HinataUzo9

3. Sprinkleschan

4. Kissuchan

5. xStacy02

6. endgameno1

7. MewSakuraKikkipurin

8. Wezetta

9. nyu97

10. Limachan45

11. litlechan

12. Sakurakissu123


14. mewDoubled

15. bobcoolster

16. sdot210

17. earofcorn6452

18. Sid5112

19. SayuriMaebara

20. Madfox12

21. angelkitten5679012

22. sweetgirlbia5

23. XxLuNaKaTxX


25. kawai30

26. MichaelsWorldStudio

27. Boredomstrikesdesu .

28. Skullgirl

29. Paklk75

30. Chambers143

31. kirarixx2 (foxy)

32. SacridiaDarque / TaoJenChan





37. cazziecaz5

38. PinkyMagenta

39. Sidrocco

40. Avalia Kasa (previously "Tsu Setore")

41. 1Megabirds

42. TheWaffleMaiden

43. EliteParanoid

44. 2030films

45. wolfmajesti

46. willowispyt

47. Torianimemaker is currently creating the anime 'Alien Love'!

48. Dice Drake