willowispyt (Orlaith Baker)Edit

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Orlaith's (willowispyt) logo.

Unusual in the terms of a fanimator, Orlaith Baker (or willowispyt) is a bit unusual because she is actually an author rather than a fanimator. She animates and draws artwork for her books.


Will-O-Wisp is the name of Orlaith's book. It is a fantasy genre with two main characters, Milo and Nathaniel. The story is for older teens to adults stictly because of comments, stituations and ideas of a mature, and possibly offencive nature.

Interesting NotesEdit

  • Orlaith has stated that she dislikes the term "fanime" and a large part of the community in it, even though she would be considered a part of it.
  • Orlaith lives in England, and is half Irish and half English. She also talks in a usually poliet and formal manner (although this can change through the attitude of others.
  • She does not tend to talk about herself and will withdrawl from doing so if asked, and as such, no one knows her age.